Holta Life Sciences invests in Revent Medical

Revent™ Medical, a privately held company founded in 2008, is focused on the development of an innovative surgical solution used by ENT surgeons to improve the quality of life for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).Revent Medical has developed the Revent Sleep Apnea System, which comprises minimally invasive, biocompatible implants; targeting tongue based OSA. The device is CE marked for the European market and the company has several issued and pending US and OUS patents. The company has conducted a clinical trial in Europe and Canada. FDA approval is pending.

Holta Invest strenghtens its focus on healthcare by establishing Holta Life Sciences AS

Kjetil Holta and Holta Invest have a long tradition of investing in life sciences companies. This interest goes more than 10 years back when Kjetil Holta as portfolio manager for the Høegh family became one of the first external investors in Algeta. In 2012, Holta Invest started to build a separate life sciences portfolio. This portfolio will now form the basis for the newly established company Holta Life Sciences AS.