About Holta Life Sciences

Holta Life Sciences is a Scandinavian specialist investor in the life sciences sector. The company was established in 2014 as a subsidiary of Holta Invest AS.

We focus entirely on investments in the life sciences industry as we believe this sector has very favourable fundamentals.

Holta Life Sciences is not dependent on external financing and consequently we have a longer-term perspective than most other investors.

We provide companies with more than just capital as we have significant experience in the life sciences sector and an extensive network.

For more information about Holta Invest go to www.holta.com.



Holta Life Sciences was established in 2014 as a subsidiary to Holta Invest. Holta Invest is a privately held investment company with roots back to the 1890s. It is fully owned by Kjetil Holta.

Holta Invest was established by Kjetil Holta’s father in 1983, and at the age of 18, his son was introduced to the Holta family’s ownership role in the Tinfos companies that had been part of the family history since 1894.

Tinfos is the story of serial entrepreneurs who, with pioneering spirit and enthusiasm, created an industrial adventure of international proportions, based on a small pulp mill and a small paper factory at Notodden in 1894.


Kjetil Holta secured control over Tinfos in 2000. He bought out his siblings and took over Holta Invest in 2002, and is its sole owner today. Under his leadership, Tinfos enjoyed some very lucrative years, with big profits and dividends to shareholders. He was responsible for selling the group to France’s Eramet in 2008 – just before the financial crisis.

Prior to buying out his siblings in Holta Invest, Kjetil Holta worked as portfolio manager for the Høegh family. In this position he became interested in the healthcare sector, and together with Ove Høegh, was one of the first external investors in Algeta in 2002. Since then Kjetil Holta and Holta Invest have made several investments in the life sciences industry. In 2012, Holta Invest decided to focus even more on life sciences investments and hired Espen Tidemann Jørgensen to build a specialised portfolio. This portfolio was the basis for establishing Holta Life Sciences in 2014.